What are the categories of die-cutting machines?

Die cutting machine is also called beer machine, cutting machine, CNC punching machine, mainly suitable for some non-metallic materials, self-adhesive, EVA, double-sided adhesive, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. die cutting (full break/half-break), indentation and hot stamping operations, laminating, and automatic waste discharge, die cutting machine using a steel knife, hardware mould, through the embossing plate exerts a certain pressure, the print or cardboard rolled and cut into a certain shape. It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing and moulding. In the electronics industry and printing industry is widely used.

Types of die-cutting machine are:

1, flat die-cutting machine

Flat die-cutting machine is currently the most widely used, the most common type, but also the most domestic and foreign manufacturers of models. Flat die-cutting machine can be used for various types of die-cutting, both manual renewal of semi-automatic die-cutting, but also automatic high-speed linkage die-cutting; both die-cutting corrugated cardboard, cardboard, stickers, but also die-cutting rubber, sponge, metal plates, and so on.

2、 Circle pressing round die cutting machine

Full-automatic circular die-cutting machine 

One roller is equivalent to embossing roller, which applies pressure when die cutting; the other one is roller knife mould. Cylinder knife die has two categories of wood and metal, the former is mainly die-cutting very thick corrugated cardboard, the latter has a chemical corrosion or electronic engraving method of metal cylinder knife die, mainly used for self-adhesive labels and trademarks die-cutting, there is also a metal cylinder knife die is mainly used for medium and high-grade long products, using pressure cut or shear type form.

3、 Circular pressure flat die cutting machine

Circular pressure flat die-cutting machine in the market is rarely used, there is no domestic professional manufacturers, not to repeat here.

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