The solution to the die-cutting stop of the die-cutting machine

First of all, we must check whether the part of the die cutting machine continues to have repeatability, if it is a regular recurrence, then the problem is undoubtedly related to the die cutting knife. In this case, if the round pressure round die cutting, can increase the overall die cutting working pressure, the result will deal with the die cutting continuous problem, but also accelerate the damage of the die cutting knife.

If in the scope of increasing the allowable working pressure, but also can not deal with the problem of die-cutting continued, then can only be dismantled and replaced by a new die-cutting knife. If it is a flat flat die cutting words, can be adjusted in part of the working pressure.

Die cutting machine is installed in the middle and south of the production of paper tube spindle bearings, spindle bearing front development and application of a group of rolling bearings fixed immobile in the base, in a group of rolling bearings installed in the middle of the belt disc; in close proximity to the base of the part of the installation of the reduction of the cylinder, the cylinder of the top of the support frame is installed with a set of support frame rolling bearings, the support of the main spindle bearings.

A main governing shaft is mounted on the top of the die cutting machine, and a plurality of blades are set thereon and sorted by certain gaps; a fixing bracket for the main governing shaft is also set on the top of the die cutting machine, and a support point cylinder is mounted right in the middle of the fixing bracket.

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